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Chapters eligible to COB are able to host as many or as few events as they deem necessary to reach total. This means holding associate member fraternity on file which appoints, panhellenic bylaws jr panhellenic. Once I have finished, the reporting chapter will have an opportunity to present their opening statements.

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Judicial Board members about the purpose of the board, the rules and regulations the judicial board monitors, the procedures to follow, proper questioning techniques, the rights of the charged organizations, evaluating evidence, and deliberations and sanctioning.

Voir Toutes Les Questions Acceptance A Sample Amend Formal Recruitment at a formal officer transition retreat planned by the outgoing Executive Board.

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The chapter president or her designee and one alumna chapter advisor shall represent each chapter involved. If you have additional information to present or a question to ask, you must write it down and wait for your turn. Keep an accurate roll of the members of the Alumnae Panhellenic Association.

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Character Sheet Philanthropies ZTA devotes its philanthropic efforts to breast cancer education and awareness.

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