This class is the most racially and ethnically diverse in Marist history.
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Business Administration Degree Requirements


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With no specific specialization, you are able to mix and match, creating a personalized degree program that fits your passion. The only other technical major on the list is information sciences and systems, which falls seventh in terms of demand. UNM operates on a semester calendar of Summer, Fall, and Spring.

The UIC Study Abroad Program and Exchange Program provide students the opportunity to take courses in universities around the world. As a rule, the further you progress in your education and field of specialty the smaller you should expect the ratio to become. For example; a focus in finance may also include a course in accounting outside of the core business courses and vice versa. All new intercollege transfer students should meet with an advisor in their first semester. They want to understand people and what happens in their heads.

Students are required to declare their major area of specialization and minor area of specialization with the Office of Undergraduate Business Education prior to the start of their junior year.

Students who pursue any of the certificate programs must complete all requirements for the specific program prior to graduation. Completion of this requirement satisfies the General Education Social and Behavioral Science requirement for this AS degree. An exhibition of work by members of the Art and Digital Media faculty will kick off the season at the Marist Art Gallery.

Survey of the functions, processes, and institutions involved in the distribution of consumer and industrial goods and services. Drivers.

Apply critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills to the management of the sports and entertainment business sectors. Investigates substantive law and stresses critical thinking and analytical evaluation of contemporary business legal issues. Data Mining for Business Analytics.

Financial accounting for proprietorships and partnerships with emphasis on the accounting cycle for service and merchandising organizations.

Introduction to design, operation, and control of quality systems; implementation approaches including behavioral and technical issues; strategic importance; quality improvement tools and their use; supplier certification; awards and recognition.

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