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Client Testimonial Letter Examples

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Why would you hire me to do this work again?

The Hysterical Historical Hunt was the perfect event for our competitive group. My thanks to Sharon, Ali and the SCP team for helping to make my event shine. And the positive experience we had did not stop there.

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Just be sure to send any significant changes back to the customer for approval before publishing the testimonial.

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Find innovative ways to integrate your customer testimonials into your marketing program.

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And one of the best ways to do that is to have a couple of good testimonials and reviews.

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Take the scripts from this article and send it to one of your past clients. Do you need to have sold thousands of products to get fabulous testimonials? Please see testimonials examples within the testimonial letters are but have.

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Reflecting on the work you did with your client will give you an idea of what went well and importantly, what you might do differently next time.

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