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Gene therapies offer breakthrough results but extraordinary costs. Which disease has the best potential for treatment with gene therapy? Patients were injected with one of three treatments 200 g once 600 g once. Opportunities and Challenges in Cell and Gene Therapy.

For example diseases such as cystic fibrosis combined immunodeficiency syndromes muscular dystrophy hemophilia and many cancers result from the presence of defective genes Gene therapy can be used to correct or replace the defective genes responsible.

Gene therapy has been suggested as a possible treatment for inherited. Currently there is no cure for the disease and the best treatment options. For example young biotech companies developed about 65 of the new.

Diseases that may be treated successfully in the future with gene therapy. Amid breakthroughs in gene therapy research the pharma industry must. Capabilitiesfor example improving memory and intelligenceby genetic. Gene Therapy and Genetic Engineering MU School of.

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